WiFiFoFum is surely one of the best Free Network Searching tweaks, also differs from them because it has other useful functions:
– Detect any WiFi connection within a specified range
– Identifying the position of connections thanks to a radar
– Enter into any memory location made and revise when necessary
These functions are accessible through the buttons at the bottom of the screen, they are:
Networks: it shows all the connections are in the area, with all their features
Nearby: it shows the google map, where you can see all the connections detected by WiFiFoFum , accurately
Radar: a real radar which shows the direction of the position of the connections detected
Logging: when ON, access points are saved with a GPS location; turned OFF When the log will Appear below.
Settings: Here you can change the operating ranges of WiFiFoFum ,that works within certain limits that you set, also here you set the scan frequency and other useful options.
In conclusion WiFiFoFum , is a Tweak that can not miss in your device!

App Price: Free !             

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