Wiki Offline is the app that allows you to have on your iDevice all Wikipedia articles so you can access them offline.
With Wiki Offline you will have literally in the palm of your hand all knowledge, without having to worry about slow internet connection, bandwidth overload,
or to be traveling without internet connection.

You can:
– Customize the display according to your experience with Wikipedia, organizing your favorite articles into folders;
– Mark items as “read” creating a sort of list of items on hold;
– Automatically import the articles and the latest images.


– Ability to view offline all Wikipedia articles;
– Ability to access information anywhere;
– Consultation faster than the internet;
– Images included in articles;
– Ability to find terms within the page;
– Ability to view in full screen for better reading experience;
– Ability to organize their research in bookmarks and folders;
– History of the page, read on hold, and the table of contents to simplify and improve navigation;
– Ability to customize your reading experience by choosing the font, brightness, and color;
– Available in English, Chinese, Italian, Arabic, Czech, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Turkish, Thai, Polish, French, Hungarian, Farsi, Japanese,
Hebrew, Korean, Swedish, Danish and Slovak.


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App Price: $9.99


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