Today presents one of the most popular games of all time, Worms 3.

The legendary worms are back, they are very angry and ready for a new war.

The new chapter of Worms for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is really exciting and you will understand it just by reading this review.

After the award-winning Worms 2: Armageddon, has landed in the App Store the third chapter, improved in every respect, from graphics to gameplay.

After starting Worms 3 will be immediately asked to create your account but you can also enter from Facebook, then you can choose your “User Name” and your profile image.

After you have chosen these details, you can start to create your Team, from the name of course.

You can then choose your worms, with the ability to change their look with some really funny gadgets.

Worms 3 provides you with hats, glasses, mustache, vocal samples and extraordinary “Dance of Victory” to be run to your friends worms.

Finally you will see the main menu, where you can find the sections:

– Local Game

The next step is to follow the tutorial by entering the “Local Game”, “Campaign”.

If you want to learn every single detail in particular, you can follow the tutorials and the last bonus stage.

Do you want the action without expectations? Then the mode “Quick Match” is the one that is right for you.

In fact, entering this section you will have immediately the opportunity to test the AI available to the Worms 3.

In “Bodies count,” you will have a single worm and you have to shoot down the waves of enemies that will try in every way to cut you down.
Last mode is “a bit to one,” where you can fight from one to 3 players.

– Online

In “Online” you can challenge one of your friends by choosing it from Contacts, Facebook, from the “Friends of Worms 3” or simply searching for a specific player, or by randomly choose your opponent.

In Worms 3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch you can activate some cards just before starting a game.

These cards can be played before your turn, giving your worms special abilities or causing particular effects that might be useful to achieve victory.

– Kit

From here you can customize your team by changing the appearance and power with incredible tools, upgrades and gadgets.

For lovers of the Worms series is really a must-have game for those who own an iPhone, but especially for those who can play with an iPad.

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App Price: $4.99

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