If you have a few fans on Instagram and you want your shots have more visibility, WowLikes for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch is the right App for you, in fact it guarantees that you have hundreds and hundreds of likes in your pictures in a few minutes.

Let’s see together how.

Instagram has over 100 million users around the world and really a lot of photos that are published every minute.

Natrobit of WowLikes has developed a new and ingenious free system that guarantees the right visibility to your photographs and an extremely high number of likes.

WowLikes works extremely well:

1) Once you have launched WowLikes logically log on Instagram.

2) You will then have access to a series of photographs from the users and WowLikes community posted on Instagram.

3) You can choose whether to send a like or follow the user, or select two different ways to view photos: full-screen and a grid where you’ll see many pictures in one screen.

In this display mode just click on the photographs to put the “I like”.

By submitting a like will get a coin into the virtual currency, which we can use to request like our photographs.

Here is the “Prices”

– 100 coins to require 50 likes
– 200 coins to require 100 likes
– 350 coins to require 200 likes
– 500 coins to require 300 likes

Practically for every two likes sended it you will get one like in your photos.

Look Down to Download It and Find other similar Apps!

App Price:  Free!

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