YouTube Capture is the new App produced by Google that will allow you to record videos and upload them directly to

It was created with the intention to simplify even more the social life and save you time.
It is practical to use, beautiful to look at and will surely be a success.
Why? Because it fills gaps in the native YouTube icon App present in your iPhone iPod or iPad.

Before YouTube Capture, in fact, it was not possible to record video with your iDevices and upload them from the same
Now it is easy!
Start YouTube Capture, click on the “Play” button, and when you’re ready to record click on “Rec“.

When you are done recording, YouTube Capture offers you the chance to write a message to accompany the video, and then,
with a simple click on YouTube icon, upload it online.
Clearly you must be logged with your Google credentials.

YouTube Capture includes a mini video editor to change the colors and enhance the stabilization of the registration
process in order to adapt it to your needs and improve it even more.
If you want you can also add one of soundtracks that are pre-loaded in the App.

The uploading of videos with YouTube Capture is a breeze and the software turns out, after many tests, the ideal way to
share your videos on YouTube.
Not absent the sharing options, in fact, immediately after the recording of your video, you can also share it on Google+,
Facebook and Twitter.
Of course, YouTube Capture also has a section called “Videos” that serves as a history, in which you can view all the
recordings you have made.

Look Down to Download It and Find other similar Apps!

App Price: Free! 

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