Today presents an App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that finally promises (and really does) allow to make calls, send text messages and chat for free!

I’m talking about Yuilop, it is an app that uses the VoIP technology and it does not force you to view ads, click on to some other site or download Apps.

Just download Yuilop from the Appstore and install it, at the startup you will be asked to register your phone by typing your number in the App, but do not worry: the number is only used to receive the confirmation code, just like Whatsapp.

You can call, send text messages or chat with members you like, of course Yuilop seamlessly integrates with the address book of your iPhone if you wish.

In addition to these features, this fantastic App also lets you share locations, images and other multimedial files.

The App works with WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE and you can use it all over the world and call from one state to another state.

It really is that.

Look Down to Download It and Find other similar Apps!

App Price:  Free!

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