Adidas has released Snapshot, the first App in the world dedicated to the football tracking.

This innovative software tracks, records and analyzes shots and allows users to share their results on the major social networks.

Snapshot allows users to record their own shots with the camera thanks to an innovative technology which calculates the speed, angle and trajectory of each shot.

Every kick can be analyzed, giving users important information about their game and helping them to improve.

In short, in addition to the tips and guides to shoot better, you can see the speed at which the ball moves after your shot!
The speed is available in miles/h or km/h

Players can save the records of all the shots in a Library, keeping track of the scores and their best results or compare them with the best players in the world led by Gareth Bale.

Adidas Snapshot for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can shoot video in real time, super slow-motion and apply stunning visual effects.

Of course you can upload photos and videos on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter and challenge your friends.

The advice and analysis are available in 18 languages​​!

Look Down to Download It and Find other similar Apps!

App Price:  Free!

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