Amazon Cloud Drive Photos is a new iOS App dedicated to users who use the services offered by Amazon.

The U.S. e-commerce giant has just launched Cloud Drive Photos for iPhone.

Is now available a new and more convenient way to access your shared content; just download Cloud Drive Photos and you can manage and view photos stored online directly from your iPhone.

Unfortunately, the App is not universal and therefore has not yet been optimized for the large screen of the iPad, but it is well usable in all iDevices.

Is clearly visible that Amazon Cloud Drive Photos is very similar to the famous Dropbox and these are the main features:

– Upload a lot of photos in your space reserved on Amazon Cloud Drive directly from your iPhone
– Many options dedicated to the protection and security of your files
– Easy access to all the contents uploaded to the server
– Ability to create personalized photo albums
– Sharing files via Facebook, Twitter or simply via email

In short Amazon Cloud Drive Photos is a cloud service similar to the competitors, and its main function is to expand the physical memory of your device, as well as to keep tidy and always protected your multimedia files.

Amazon Cloud Drive is a totally free App that includes 5GB of online storage but depending on your needs you can purchase additional space with a membership that ranges from 8 $ to 400 $ per year, with intermediate sizes from 20GB to 1000GB.

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App Price:  Free!

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