Dear fathers and mothers, Baby Monitor 3G is finally available for your iPhone, iPod and iPad, this is an app that will make life easier for parents.
Baby Monitor 3G allows you to remotely supervise your little baby, controlling what he is doing and what it needs.
The best quality of this app is the signal strength, in fact it is powerful and guarantees its operation even at virtually unlimited distances, through 3G or Wi-Fi signals.
All noises coming from the cradle are reported by this app that is even able to report how much time was last survey, in order to understand if the baby is sleeping.
If you are in a noisy environment 3G Baby Monitor will alert you with sounds, but also with the vibration of your device.
To reassure your child remotely press the “Talk” button and speak.
If all you have read is not enough, 3G Baby Monitor also allows you to see the baby in streaming mode.
Last reassuring feature of this fantastic app is reporting when the 3G or Wi-Fi stops or does not work.

In short:
– Remote control
– Streaming Video
– Alarm if 3G or Wi-Fi do not work
– Signals when the baby wakes up
– Detection of noises
– Notification with sound and vibration


For this Baby Monitor 3G is definitely recommended!


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App Price: $3.99


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