Background Eraser for Apple devices is a very useful app that allows you to
erase backgrounds from photos, in order to create Mask Level effects (like
Many times in fact, you can need to past just an objets or a part of image.

For example, when your are making photomontages it’s very important to make a
picture’s background transparent.
By using this app, you can do it very quickly and easily.

How to use.
1) Tap screen to load image from photo album
2) Select ‘Auto’ or ‘Manual’
3) Use slider to set ‘Auto Erasing Threshold’ or ‘Radius of the manual erasing area’
4) Move cursor by touch
5) Save to photo album
6) Use the saved photo by other apps

– You can restore image by using “Restore” mode.
– You can zoom/move image by using “Zoom” mode.
– You can also zoom/move image with two fingers while using “Manual” or
“Restore” mode.
– “Feather ( softening image edge )” can be done.

Resulted images can be saved as:
– PNG file ( transparent background )
– JPEG file ( white background )

Max output size:
– 640 x 960 ( 3.5-inch display )
– 640 x 1136 ( 4-inch display )

In short, Background Eraser is one of the best Apps for beginners who wants make really nice photomontages.
Suggested app!

Look Down to Download It and Find other similar apps!

App Price: $0.99

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