Barefoot World Atlas has been selected by Apple as Best App of the Week.

The application is compatible with iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch and it is a very detailed 3D interactive atlas contains a wealth of information about any place on the planet.

Finally the old printed atlas transposed into a new touch version!

In addition to being very detailed, the app allows you to rotate and zoom where and how you want.

It is not enough?

Barefoot World Atlas gives you information and news about every country and city, in real time!

Curiosity, statistics and many other details are placed at your disposal.

You can also view many photographs showing the places and sights from around the world.

Texts and narratives are provided by the geographer Nick Crane and animated illustrations are designed by David Dean, a famous international artist.

In order to involve all 5 senses, Barefoot Word Atlas for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch also introduces traditional music for each site, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in a real trip!

The controls and operation in general, are very simple, so as to leave even the children to use the App exploiting every potential.

And now…what else ??

Look Down to Download It and Find other similar Apps!

App Price:  Free!

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