One of the most downloaded games of the moment is definitely 2048.
In this game you have to add up the numbers in the squares by placing them side by side.

In this way, if you have for example two squares containing the number “2”, joining them you will form a single square containing the number “4” and so on.
You win when you reach the number “2048“.


Then the game will not be over because then you’ll have to add two squares containing “2048” in order to create a square with “4096” etc. ..
Only 1% of the combinations can allow you to win!

Here are 5 important tips to win in 2048:
– Cheat 2048 n. 1 = never use the left arrow, unless it is not the only way out
– Cheat 2048 n. 2 = leaves the square with the higher numerical values ​​in the bottom row
– Cheat 2048 n. 3 = try to recreate the situation shown below:

– Cheat 2048 n. 4 = the square with the highest number must remain in the lower left, always!
– Cheat 2048 n. 5 = played using only two movements from left to right and top to bottom

Using these tricks for 2048 will be able to reach this number immediately and you will always win against your friends!

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