Do you remember Clumsy Ninja?

We talked about this yesterday, when showed you the news about the trailers dedicated to the apps in the Appstore.

Clumsy Ninja is the game shown at the presentation of the iPhone 5 in 2012.

Today, the game arrives on the AppStore.

It is a very special game, which focuses on a series of functions that can be activated on the iPhone 5.

Clumsy Ninja would have come out last Christmas, but for a variety of reasons, the launch was delayed by almost a year.

With this game you can interact with your Ninja using the device’s touchscreen, all in real time.

You can train him, tickle him and also tie it to the balloons.

Everything you do will improve the skills that will help the hero of Clumsy Ninja to find Kira, her friend disappeared.

This clumsy ninja represents the next generation of interactive characters: ite is able to hear sounds, move and react specifically to your touches.

Train your ninja and teach him new tricks and super special moves, impress your ninja Sensei and get new belts along the way looking for Kira, or simply have fun with more than 70 unique interactive objects, including trampolines, punching bags, weapons a shot, a chicken and a squirrel!

Accompany your ninja to discover new places, try new games, meet new characters, complete missions and unlock new fun objects to play with.

Personalize suits, belts and bands for this funny protagonist of Clumsy Ninja according to your style.

Take a picture of the crazy stunts and share the fun with your friends instantly.

In essence, Ninja is a virtual friend who can think and act with realistic intelligence, in addition to being very clumsy.

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App Price: Free!

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