DataMan Next: Track Data Usage In Real-Time is an App that monitors your traffic data, but it is completely different from those that normally you use.
In fact it interfaces with useless services of telephone operators, but lets you decide which type of promotion you have available.

Do you have a 1GB plan? Select 1GB and let Next DataMan monitors your data traffic.
Of course, in addition to the number of Gigabytes available you must also select the day when your promotion is renewed, so when the counter starts from 0.
DataMan Next: Track Data Usage In Real-Time automatically track all your connections and will provide you traffic informations used in both 3G and Wi-Fi technology.
Of course, will only be considered data traffic via 3G when it shows the % of remaining traffic in accordance with your promotion.
As if not enough, know that Dataman History also offers a section where you can view all the statistics of the previous months, controlling the traffic used via 3G, or any case always using connections provided by a telephone operator, and the data downloaded via Wi-Fi .

So we are talking about an App of great value that offers an alternative solution to traditional services malfunctioning of the usual operators.
Moreover, DataMan Next: Track Data Usage In Real-Time also works in offline mode and notifies you when you run out of your data traffic promotional uses.
You can not miss an App like this, recommended by .

To summarize the features of this fantastic App:
– Basic graphics but well cared
– Use very intuitive also for novice users
– Control of data exchanged via telephone connection or Wi-Fi
– Alert when the limit is reached

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App Price: $0.99

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