Diamond Scale is the first App for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch on the App Store that lets you turn your iPhone into a real scale to small weights without any external accessory.

It’s perfect to weigh jewelry, diamonds, gold and any small objects.

Usually these Apps are downloaded with a bit of skepticism, it is true that there are many on the App Store Apps for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch that promise everything but they are really useless.

However Diamond Scale is a pleasant surprise especially for the professional and scientific approach.

Diamond Scale is very simple and is structured through a single screen where you can see a graduated scale showing the weight of your items and a “roller” where you can read the instructions.

Before being used, Diamond Scale needs to be calibrated with a weight.

Logically you can not know the weight of bulky items or too heavy, because your iPhone will probably be damaged and overturn.
Diamond Scale is designed specifically for diamonds, gold, jewelry, and all small objects.

After our tests, iPhone-up.com Diamond Scale can ensure that it works and offers a highly reliable result.

Here’s how to calibrate Diamond Scale for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch:

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App Price:  $0.99

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