Fantastical allows scheduling of events via voice commands or written with the keyboard, all in just a few seconds.
Thanks to the stylish graphics and the many functions, Fantastical is considered the best App to manage commitments.
Simply click on the “+” to add a new event, type a phrase like “Lunch with John Friday” and Fantastical will automatically add your event for next Friday.

You can also specify in the text hours or time intervals that will be recognized if you write this: “Lunch with John on Friday from 12.30 to 14.30”.

Another interesting feature is the advanced voice recognition, compatible with any language you speak, also available Offline!

Fantastical offers two types of display for the events that you saved:
– DayTicker: all your events displayed as a list
– Calendar: the calendar and it will show up every day is marked with active events
are clearly visible

This App is the only one able to compete with the standard iOS calendar.
Thanks to Fantastical, anyone who does not have iOS 6 or technology Siri can finally use a smart calendar that can be configured in seconds.

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App Price: $1.99

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