FindMyDevice is a new Cydia Tweak that adds some interesting features to the service “Find My iPhone” offered by Apple.

In particular, this Tweak prevents the thief who has stolen your iPhone and wants to turn off your Find My iPhone.

With FindMyDevice you can:

– Avoid shutdown of your iPhone by using a password
– Protect the SIM in the event of any substitution
– Turn on location services
– Enable or disable the notifications center
– Enable or disable search
– Hide or display applications

All of these options will help to make sure your device and prevent a malicious attacker accesses your personal data.

All you have to do to use FindMyDevice is:

1) log on iCloud or FindMyiPhone
2) select the device you want to locate by using the list
3) click on “Play sound”.

After playing the sound, the device will be locked and you can control it remotely from FindMyDevice to perform the operations described above.

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App Price:  Free!

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