Gravity Guy 2, while remaining an endless runner game, completely changes from the previous version, in fact you have to jump and dodge the various platforms and obstacles.

In addition to your character, Gravity Guy 2 allows you to move and control platforms using the corresponding button located to the right of the screen on your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.

Coordinate the jumps with the elevation of the gaming platforms is not easy and in fact you will be initially very good at making these two actions in perfect synchrony.

In addition to these differences compared to similar games like Jetpack Joyride, Gravity Guy 2 also offers typical features of runner games.

Your goal is to resist as long as possible and run for as many meters as possible without dying.
Obviously there are collectible items and coins to collect along the way, obstacles and disturbing elements such as bombs, mines and laser beams to avoid.

Miniclip has been able to make the product compatible even on older devices, for example iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch (First Generation) and iPad (First Generation), where Gravity Guy 2 runs smoothly and without any lag.

There are seven characters to choose, although of course you will have to unlock them with the coins earned.


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