The Tyrannical Of Life Oppressors are back!
In the role of two agents of the Freakishly Rugged Advanced Genetics Galactic Enforcement Division you must defeat all the enemies.
You have at your disposal a lot of devastating weapons such as rocket launchers, guns, laser guns and bombs.
The enemies to defeat are really many, and as in any great game, there are monstrous bosses to defeat.
In the Campaign Mode you have to survive the attacks of angry enemies and if you’re really strong, you will be able to have new weapons and objectives/missions to complete.
Now there are more and more Multiplayer Games in the Appstore like Gun Bros 2, which, however, have the disadvantage of being “Freemium“,ie they are free to download and you can play without problems, but to obtain particular objects or bonuses, you have to pay!
As mentioned above, Gun Bros 2 is a Multiplayer Game very well integrated with iOS GameCenter.
You can invite your friends to join your battles, or play with other unknown players.
Gun Bros 2 has become very famous and played all over the world, so it will not be difficult to find companions who fight by your side!

For  “dishonest” :) users, here’s for you the Gun Bros 2 Cheats:
The usage is very simple, just open the software and connect with your account, then you can start the changes by clicking on the “Start Hack“.

Of course, before you begin, set the values ​​as you like and indicate the device from which you play:
– iPhone
– iPad
– IPod Touch
– Android

The settings include:
– War-Bucks Generator
– Xplodium-Generator
– XP and HP-Maximizer

To download the Cheats click Here:

Gun Bros 2 6






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App Price: Free!

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