If you like quiz games for iDevices, you can not miss Logos Quiz Game By Atico Mobile SL.
This App is a very funny game available in the AppStore and will test your knowledge of the most famous logos, showing incomplete images.

When you start Logos Quiz you can decide to enable / disable notifications and connect with your Facebook account.
Logging in with the popular social network you can share with your friends all the best scores achieved and challenge with them.

Access to Facebook is optional, in fact you can also decide to create a profile by entering a simple nickname.
On the main screen, you will see some statistics and two buttons: Play and Settings.

Through the Settings button, you can access the options and change the parameters, as well as view statistics after you have started to have fun with Logos Quiz.
You can also choose to remove the advertisements or buy the so-called “Pills” via in-app purchase.
Let’s go back to the main screen, tapping the Play button, you can access the quiz.

The difficulty of the game will increase at various stages.
Logos Quiz Game consists of 12 levels that include approximately 800 different logos to guess, so it will be difficult to find the same logo during your games.

The logos obviously will appear fragmented, broken or incomplete.
However, being well-known brands, it will be difficult to find a logo completely unknown.
To advance through the levels, you just touch the image and enter the name of the brand shown.
If you are in trouble, as in any respectable quiz, you can use the help offered by the developer.

Tapping a button depicting a light bulb you can extend your help request on Twitter or Facebook, or use the “Pills“.
Using 3 pills, in fact, you can use a button that depicts a magic wand that will solve the quiz for you.
For each logo guessed you will be assigned a score expressed in stars.

With accumulated many stars you have more levels and you can buy pills.

Logos Quiz is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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App Price: Free!

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