This year, Madden NFL 25 has introduced two innovations: the 25th anniversary of the license and the version for iOS that has become freemium.

In Madden NFL 25 you will have to lead your team.

If you play with an iPhone or an iPad you can choose various options, single player mode or against other online players (Multiplayer Mode).

The most common option, if you prefer to play alone, is the Season Mode, where players can play the regular season, the playoffs and if you will come to the end, even the Super-Bowl.

As in the previous versions, Madden NFL 25 does not only play with matches, but also by buying and selling players to build your team as you want.

In terms of graphics, gestures, movements and other specific details, they are faithfully represented with the most important players.

The dynamics of the game is convenient because it shows the different types of move available before any action (in normal mode) or at the same moment in the advanced mode, but you can change it at any time.

Unfortunately, in Madden NFL 25, any game, additional movement, or purchase of player that you want to accomplish depends on the energy and money you have.

Energy is limited and so after a few games you need to buy other energy and the problem is that to do this you will need to use the money of the game, which are also limited.

The result is that very soon you will have to recourse to micropayments to unlock the complete game.

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