Mailbox is a Gmail client for iPhone / iPad and iPod that changes the way you manage your email to keep well stored your inbox.


The philosophy that characterizes Mailbox is similar to that of a task manager where each email received is an action that remains outstanding.
Each received message requires a command before being archived: you can read the message, archive it, or resume it later.
When you start using Mailbox will be created automatically in your Gmail inbox various folders to contain all the elements you want to read at a later time, or store in sub-categories.
There is also an option to define when to unhide the folder selected in the email inbox (time period that can range from a few minutes to a week).
Obviously Mailbox also allows you to carry out the most of everyday actions such as reply and forward email attachments to add and customize your signature.


The possibilities that Mailboxes can offer are raelly a lot, however, Mailboxes shows just a few buttons on the screen.
So, what’s the secret? The difference is that you have to make different gestures to manage your email.
The possible movements to do from left to right are two: if you slide the a little finger, you store messages.
If you slide your finger longer you will delete the messages.
The movements you can do from right to left instead are: short scroll to postpone the message and long slide to send the message to a custom folder.
Mailbox also includes a complete tutorial to make the use easier.
You’ll see that with a little practice will become impossible to do all without this App.
The options are really many and I invite you to try this fantastic App to understand its potential.

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App Price: Free!

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