The Apps that allow you to download videos directly from Youtube have long been at the top of the list of the best 10 Apps reviewed by

So today I propose another fantastic App that performs the same function as well, I’m talking about MP3 Music Downloader.

MP3 Music Downloader is a great Free App for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch that allows you to download unlimited Mp3 songs and it’s totally legal!

This App includes a tool that automatically scans any web page recognizing all media content contained.
All that is detected will be shown in a list and you need to click on the Start button to start the download.
You can also use the “Search” function to find what you need by typing the right keywords.

MP3 Music Downloader Free also contains a built-in Download Manager that allows you to download multiple songs at the same time, pause them, display the downloading speed and the percentage of all the downloads.
When the files are too many, don’t worry, in fact MP3 Music Downloader will automatically put in the queue elements in excess, starting to download them as soon as possible.

Downloaded MP3 files can be organized into custom playlists, you can in fact add or delete any song you want.
In addition to the playlist, the App also has the ability to create folders and organize all your files within them.

MP3 Music Downloader is really fantastic, in fact in addition to offering a download manager, also has a music player, with which you can play your favorite songs, put them in the queue, manage their reproduction and any action (previous, next, pause, play, stop, etc..) is easily activated with simple gestures. Great for  iPhone, iPad  and iPod Touch.

There is also a Pro version of MP3 Music Downloader, but the free version offers features that are really many and enough to do what you want.

Look Down to Download It and Find other similar Apps!

App Price:  Free! (Lite Version) – $0.99 (Pro Version)

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