Plants vs. Zombies is a great Tower Defense game that will make you commit up in the defense of your home by undead creatures.
You have only available weapons that are quite unconventional, such as plants and seeds!

Plants Vs. Zombies is a game that already attracts attention from the premise: protect your garden by planting plants that can ward off the zombies.
Even the gameplay does not disappoint.

– Gameplay

Basically in Plants Vs. Zombies, you have several types of plants to place strategically; some plants are barriers, other plants instead attack by shooting or exploding.
Sunflowers are also important because they help to raise the most important resource of Plants Vs. Zombies: sunlight, that allows you to plant more and more “towers”.

In contrast to many games of this type, Plants vs. Zombies has a rapid pace.
The first waves of enemies come fast enough, and the preliminary preparation phase does not last long.
The levels are quite eventful , you collect the icons of the sun and the vegetables are planted in real time, considering location and timing according to incoming enemies, who obviously are not all the same.

– Plants & Zombies

The zombie base is slow and not too strong, but there are of all types, they are 26: resistant, fast, able to jump the barriers etc..
But it is the number that makes them dangerous, because each level ends with a huge wave of zombies and if you do not have a garden ready to welcome them, well, Game Over!

Plants Vs. Zombies offers 50 levels to beat, the environments are really many and you will play during the day, at night, in every place.

The developers of this fantastic App were also able to give the game a very important feature, ie the humor and the irony, clearly visible in the choice of the characters and by the exciting design.

So in summary, gameplay, graphics, sound and involvement at the highest level!
There is nothing else to say about the game that has received 30 awards for best game of the year!

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