Are you planning to have a baby? Have you ever wondered how would your body during pregnancy?
Thanks to Preggobooth you can, teasing you, your girlfriends and your friends.

With Preggobooth you can watch your appearance at 3, 6 or even 9 months of pregnancy.
Change the belly, breasts and buttocks like those of a pregnant woman.
Do you want your belly but not your butt big? You can do it. Each part is individually adjustable.
To achieve a truly impressive result, the App allows you to edit the image even using the “Drag”, “Scale” or “Fit”.

Of course the picture to edit can be imported from camera roll of your iDevice or taken right before you change it.
Preggobooth is a fun way to see how you or your friends (both male and female!) would be pregnant.

The fun does not end here, because Preggobooth have all the sharing options you need, so you can show the images obtained via email, Facebook and Twitter.
The pictures are saved in the app, so as to be further changed later, or directly in the camera roll on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

So these are the main features of Preggobooth:

– Apply changes on photos immediately or existing in the album
It takes a few seconds for the transformation (as opposed to a true pregnancy!)
– With one swipe passes by the appearance of three months of pregnancy to 6:09

The App uses the engine called “We Made It” to change bodies, ensuring a high quality of transformation.

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App Price: $ 0.99

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