Here is a new game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from Ubisoft where the protagonist is well known in the AppStore, it’s Rayman!

Rayman Fiesta Run is the legendary hero of the world of videogames and it has arrived in the mobile devices with his new adventure.

If you liked the previous game in the series, winner of the title as the best iPhone App for this category, you will surely appreciate this new game!

Rayman Fiesta Run is set in a crazy universe, full of cocktails with little umbrellas, colorful fruit and piñatas to break, so as to live an endless party.

Rayman Fiesta Run by Ubisoft for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch offers 75 levels, all in the name of the nightlife, you will play in 4 fun worlds and you have to defeat 3 new epic bosses.

Your goal is to reach the Dead Livid Island and along the way you will collect the Lums to get rewards and upgrades.
In this adventure, Rayman has gained additional powers, in fact in addition to jump, fly and run on walls, now it can also swim and shrink down to become a mini hero. The secret weapon is the super punch!

Rayman Fiesta Run is then a really fun challenge, where you will find many different levels, traps and enemies, all made by Ubisoft with graphics even better than the previous games.

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App Price: $2.99

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