RunKeeper is a great app to use when you’re training with outdoor activities.
It keeps track of distance traveled, speed and much more, with the integrated GPS in the iPhone.

For runners, cyclists and anyone who practices outdoor activities that includes rides, walks and other movements, RunKeeper is the perfect application.
Use the GPS integrated in your iPhone to measure the path, speed, possible changes in altitude and more.
If you have at your disposal an Internet connection such as Wi-Fi3G or Edge, RunKeeper displays in real time the distance covered on a Google Maps, step by step.

All is really simple.

At the first start you can sign up, so you can access the manufacturer’s website and view your workouts even from another computer or iDevice.
The next step is to select the type of workout you want to practice (running, cycling, and others) and start the program.
Once this is done, RunKeeper record all the data showing distance, speed and durability.
Once you have completed your training, you have to stop RunKeeper to see the complete report generated automatically with all the data.

The only downside of RunKeeper is the battery usage, that could discharge after about three hours, but honestly it’s a price that you are willing to pay for an App that can perfectly monitor outdoor workouts. If battery drainage is a negative for you, opt for an Amcrest gps tracker which has all the features with better performance ability.  In addition to all this, RunKeeper also calculates calories burned and provides guidance on the data recognized showing them on the display or speaking to the headphones.
This App for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch also provides a built-in music player so you can listen to your favorite music while you’re training.

As a real Personal Trainer, RunKeeper creates a detailed history of all your activities, so you can view and compare all the statistics and evaluate your progress.

As an incentive to do better, RunKeeper compliments you with notifications when you exceed your personal best or reach certain goals.
This App also offers the opportunity to share your results on Twitter, Facebook and on your profile RunKeeper.

Summary of Features:
RunKeeper measures speed, distance, time and calories burned
– History of performance and progress
– Integrated Music Player
– Compatibility with many physical activities
– Share Data on Twitter, Facebook and RunKeeper
and much more!

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