Running With Friends is a Social / Multiplayer running game for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch by Zynga Inc. where you have to run faster than your friends to the famous San Fermin running with the bulls, in Spain.
The dynamics with the base Running With Friends is the same that characterizes other running game.
Running With Friends is a classic running game and the comparison with Temple Run or Subway Surfers is obvious: you must run, jump, dodge and slide under obstacles that appear on your path.
There are some important moments in the game where you can try to ride the bulls, and earn bonuses and so you can also try to perform spectacular jumps.
The element that distinguishes this game compared to the other Apps of this kind is the opportunity to run challenging with other players from around the world, your Facebook friends or random opponents.
Competing with your friends you can also aspire to climb rankings and increase all your records.


Another element that makes Running With Friends so addictive and exciting is the simplicity of the controls.
Very similar to Temple Run and Subway Surfers, you must simply slide your finger left and right to dodge obstacles or jump and crouch.
If you are a beginner you can follow the tutorial to take initial confidence.


Running With Friends is really well presented.
The cartoon graphics makes the game even more “spanish”, as well as the soundtrack, totally inspired by spanish music.


Running With Friends is enjoying great success and is climbing the charts of the Appstore, this is because the game is colorful, easy to use and very addictive, it is also perfectly compatible with devices smaller than the iPad, such as iPhone and iPod Touch.
Zynga Inc. does not disappoint!

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App Price:  Free!

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