Where I parked my car? How many times did you think about it?

Maybe you remember the area where you have parked your car, the cars beside yours and position relative to some reference point, or maybe not!
From now Sally Park will take care of everything, it is an App developed by Doseido for iPhone and other iDevices equipped with GPS tracking, so you will not need to memorize anything.
There are many Apps like Sally Park, but this differs from the others for an interface really cared and for a list of features not excessive but definitely interesting.
Using this App is quite simple, get off the car and press the “Park” button.
At that point, the Sally Park will ask you if you want to save that point as parking point, confirmed it, quit the App, then you can go where you want.

If you are in one of those large parking lots where the GPS position can help you, but not enough, Sally Park also allows you to take a picture of the car and add notes (you can specify what you want).
The Application will store everything, and you’ll be able to access this information whenever you want.
To help you find your car, Sally Park exploits the compass of your iPhone or iPad and GPS.
An arrow indicates the direction in which the car was parked and the counter will show the meters that separate you from it.
To be more accurate, you can also launch the map (integrated in the application) that will show you the way to follow.

The Parking Meter function is very interesting and useful because it warns you when the Parking time is running out, so as to avoid fines.
The time is adjustable with three simple buttons that indicate the corrections to be made to the pre-set time.
Options Sally Park are very basic, so as not to create confusion: you can enable or disable the sound and allow the App to delete the notes and photos associated with a parking point.
The Application is certainly valid: the excellent and attractive graphics along with a good number of options make Sally Park a great product at the lowest price available in the App Store.

To summarize the features of this App:
– GPS Tracking
– Exploitation of the compass of iDevices
– Audio Alerting
– Parking Meter function
– Photo of car
– Add any notes
– Automatic deletion of residual data

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App Price: $ 0.99

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