Who has an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and love the strategy and skill games can download from the AppStore a game that is enjoying great success these days, we are talking about Skill Game.

The popular game for devices with iOS operating system is a puzzle game that requires a lot of strategy and skill to get to the final victory.

The aim of each level of the game is proposed at the beginning of the mission and it may seem deceptively simple.

Players need to in fact join the numbered dots by drawing a line with his finger on the display.

A game quite similar to the games contained in the journals in the puzzles, in which, after you will have joined all the dots in the correct sequence, you can view a particular “figure”.

Skill Game differs from them, however, because at the end of each level you can not see any images.

This is because to connect the dots in sequential order (and this is the main difficulty of the game), you can not “cross” the lines already drawn previously and not even “going out” from the “sheet”.

Skill Game by Sebastian Miedtank is a very clever game suitable for all kinds of people, children, adults and the elderly.

In fact, the difficulty level can be adjusted automatically according to the skills and abilities that the player is able to use.

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App Price: Free!

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