Slide2Kill is an essential Tweak that allows you to remove the applications running in background only dragging down the icons representing the Apps to close.

Just therefore grab the icon and drag it down, just like you do with the famous Auxo.
A comparison with the latter Tweak is practically a must.

Auxo turns out to be a complete package and accurate in all its details, but for the owners of an iPhone 4S or previous generations displaying the thumbnails of the applications turns out to be annoying as it takes up too much space on the display.

Another factor that probably encouraged uninstalling softwares like Auxo is the feeling that the past has slowed tweak the iDevices.

Another difference between Slide2Kill and Auxo is that Slide2Kill is a Free Tweak.

Once installed, Slide2Kill not alter the classic graphics that characterizes iOS, but will be added the new gestures controls.

Slide2Kill can be customized, for example you can configure the action to take:

– Slide down: just the selected the App will be closed
– Slide up: all the Apps will be closed

Slide2Kill is the ideal solution for all those who are looking for a tweak that is able to facilitate the management of all the applications running in background.

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