Thanks to SnappyCam, an App compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, you can perform succession of shots quickly and very easy.

With SnappyCam you will be able to take a series of photos sequentially, so you can select the best images to save and share.

The most interesting feature that characterizes SnappyCam  is just the speed of shooting, in fact it can take 3,600 photos in a minute with the software set on the average quality.

Maximizing the quality, the pictures will be 20 per second.

It is without a doubt the fastest camera App on the App Store, which also has rielaboratore of images, whose function is not to lose the quality of pictures taken.

Images can be selected, saved and shared on the main social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Of course you can also send photos via email or sms.

To optimize the performance of SnappyCam you can:

– Minimize the use of the iPhone‘s ram

– Close all open Apps on background

– Disable geotagging and noise reduction

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App Price:  0.99

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