SoundHound is a revolutionary App dedicated to Music recognition, it is very essential and it can be installed on any iDevice.
How many times have you heard a song and want to know its title?

Now just bring the iPhone, begin to hum and SoundHound recognizes the song. Great !
SoundHound works much better with English and American songs.
You can also simply bring the iPhone to the stereo speakers while you’re listening to a song you like, and SoundHound will tell you its title, just like Shazam.
In any case, to begin the search for the song lost just tap the screen and SoundHound will start working.

Among the features found:
– an search unlimited of songs through excerpts of texts
– the sharing via email, Facebook or Twitter
– have the possibility to buy a song on iTunes directly from the App
– the possibility to consult biographies, YouTube videos, discographies and tour dates
– An instant search using your voice

Another interesting aspect of this application is have the possibility to use it without an Internet connection: recording a piece of a song, in fact, you have the possibility to find it at any time in your history and start recognition as soon as you have Free to the network.


– Instant Search feature of iTunes.
– Improved voice search feature
– Suggestion function of songs according to your taste
– Improved the function of geotagging

SoundHound has recently been updated to version 5.1.1 with several important innovations such as new contents and easy access to Free songs from the Home screen.
With the new update also added several localizations including: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

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App Price: Free ( Lite Version) – $6.99 (Full Version)

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