Here’s a simple and funny game!  Its name is Stick Wars and it is available in Lite or Full versions for all your iDevices (Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later).
Fun is guaranteed when the title includes “Stick“!
The aim of Stick Wars is to defend the castle from the enemy attacks: to do this you have to literally take these men and slam them against the ground, until they are buried, all via touch screen, using simple touch gestures, really good to control every moves in detail.
With the lite version you can only play 5 levels.
In the higher levels, the difficulty will increase more and more, but thanks to the points conquered, can improve the defenses of your castle, even building the “secret” that enclose the enemies.
In the new version, Stick Wars offers a completely improved graphics, new characters were added, including magicians, enemies use siege engines, now available various levels of difficulty and the possibility to send your own scoresand take part in the world ranking.
Another feauture added to further improve the game is the blood of the enemies when you kill them.

The game has infinite duration, in fact the game is over only when the stick-men conquer your castle.
At any time you want, you can pause the game and resume from the same time.
In addition to touch controls, you can also use the “shake” control, enabling you to activate the bombers (only a movement of the iPhone) and detonate bombs (two movements of the iDevice).

Like any fast-paced game of high-level, StickWars offers you many upgrades to exploit to enhance the defenses and become unbeatable.
Do not really miss anything to make StickWars one of the best fast-paced games for iOS devices.

$ 0.99 is a price that is definitely worth paying for an App like this (this is the price of the full version).

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App Price: $0.99

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