Sygic is a great software that shows 3D maps and it is composed of many versions to be used in all countries of the World.
The application provides traffic updates every 5 minutes, and choose the fastest routes to reach a certain place, of course, there are also the indications for those who want to walk.
Among the features of these navigators find a GPS navigation voice turn-by-turn signals relevant to the real-time traffic, interactive maps, a display of speed limits, speed cameras and audio warnings, along with a finding also assisted using the compass direction of the device and the ability to set different display modes, both in 2D and 3D.

HQ TomTom maps stored on the phone:
– You will not need an Internet connection to use this app
– The voice of your guide will show you the best way forward
Sygic allows you to view up to 3 alternative routes
– Indication of the most interesting places to visit
– Indication of the lane to go
– Indication of speed limits
Sygic alerts you if there are nearby speed camera

You can search by:
– Address
– Contact
– Zip Code
– Crossing
– GPS coordinates
– Photo georeferenced
– House


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App Price: $24.99


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