Sync.Me is an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, which automatically synchronizes your Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ to update and have in a single place all the details about contacts stored in each social network just listed.

Users can take advantage of several functions, thanks to the built-in widgets in the App, related to the various social networks.

Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ automatically update the details about contacts, making them available on a single screen.

You can also download contact photos and transform each card into a digital business card.

For each contact, you can also create notes, attach information and perform other sharing operations.

Sync.ME updates the contacts with the current photo, phone number, e-mail, company, profession and address.

If a contact information changes, they are automatically updated by this App.

For example, if your friend changes jobs and updates his LinkedIn profile, its contact Sync.ME will be updated automatically.

In addition, Sync.ME will notify all the birthdays!

Sync.ME for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch  is therefore a very professional App, perfect for those who are in the business world, but it is also useful to those who want to always have all updated info about friends and contacts.

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App Price: Free! 

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