Table Top Racing one of the most downloaded apps from the AppStore for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.
It is a beautiful combat racing game that consists of fantastic races, tournaments and competitions organized exclusively on tables or flat surfaces that you can find every day, such as dining tables, tables in stores, etc..
The graphics offered by this game is really great, the colors and the nice settings make it all very pleasant and engaging.
In Table Top Racing are 10 fully customizable and upgradeable cars thanks to upgrades and other unlockable options.
Table Top Racing for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch offers 8 race tracks available and are really beautiful and realistic, in fact they include a wide range of items such as tablecloths, pencils, fruit juices, bottles, glasses and many other objects and obstacles.

In the main screen you can see 4 main buttons:

– Garage: in this section you can improve and modify your car (the parameters to improve are: speed, grip, acceleration, shield, turbo).
Of course, to get these upgrades you have to pay the money you earn by winning races.

– Let’s Go: Clicking here you can choose to start a career, start a quick rae, special events or drifting.

– Multiplayer: as you can guess, Table Top Racing allows you to play multiplayer against your friends or other players in the world, in fact the game is integrated with the iOS Game Center.

– Settings: the options available are those dedicated to the controls (simple or tilt), audio options, and as in any game, you can see the credits.

Table Top Racing is therefore a fantastic game to download in all your iPhones iPads and iPods Touch because there are also 30 achievements, more than 30 special events, upgrades and powerful cars.
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