Turbo Racing League! The new Free game, far from being a simple App to publicize the movie, offers a style of fast-paced game of high-level and well calibrated.

It almost seems to be in the presence of Mario Kart, even if you do not drive a racing car with four wheels, but a … snail!

The main character is Turbo, the snail in the movie by Dreamworks.

Your goal is to get it as quickly as possible to the goal in 9 different paths.

Turbo Racing League is a special racing game.

Its main feature?

You do not have to compete with cars or motorcycles, the protagonists are funny snails!

You can also customize the snail as you want, for example, you can choose to add ailerons to improve its aerodynamics.

There are daily challenges and other special events in which you can participate.

and Tito is one of the other great players, it is a funny mechanic who will support you during all the races.

Turns, skids and collect tomatoes! This is a summary of what you need to be the winner.

Lead your snail and choose the control mode you prefer: touch controls, accelerometer or a combo mode.

The virtual garage, as easy to understand, will allow you to buy upgrades for your snails, allowing them to reach speeds higher and higher.

Look Down to Download It and Find other similar Apps!

App Price:  Free!

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