Vine for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch by Vine Labs, an application that allows you to free share with your contacts short videos.

Once you upload, the video can be published on Vine and then shared via Twitter and Facebook, with the next updates will be available other social networks.

It will also be possible to follow and interact with the people around you and see the most viewed videos and topics, hashtags in evidence and editors picks.

The official application Vine has been updated with exciting new features to edit your own clips.

Videos created with Vine can not exceed six seconds, but the user can choose to divide them into several clips that will be played in loop.

This will allow, for example, to create very cute and nice animations which can then be viewed by friends and “followers” just as it does on Instagram.

The App Store has been recently published a new update that introduces two important features: Sessions and Time Travel.

Sessions – save any post and watch it later by pressing on the icon in the lower right corner of your screen. You can also open up to 10 simultaneous sessions;
Time Travel – remove, rearrange or replace any shot at any time. Press the green bar while recording or editing during the preview.

Vine is available for free on the AppStore! Come on!

Look Down to Download It and Find other similar Apps!

App Price: Free!

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