Virtua Tennis Challenge is a game published by Sega completely dedicated to the world of tennis.
As in most games of this kind, one of the most delicate aspects is undoubtedly the gameplay.
After you have established the correct position you must choose the correct movement for a top spin, slice a ball, a drop shot or a lob: you can make a lot of movement, for example, drag your finger downward, upward, and so on.
The graphics are undoubtedly of high level, it is hardly possible to find on the App Store a video game that is able to offer such a high level graph.
The details are sharp and the colors are excellent, the game faithfully reproduces all most famous stadiums.

Gameplay modes are:
– SPT World Tour
– Destry performance
– Multiplayer: Challenge your friends online via Wifi or in a head to head with Bluetooth
– Quick Play mode
– Training mode

In conclusion Virtua Tennis Challenge is an excellent game, it is able to offer an excellent longevity with a really good graphics.


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App Price: Free! (Lite Version) $4.99 (Full Version)


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