The audio quality of calls made with the iPhone is undoubtedly one of the best that you can get on a smartphone.

However, surely the speaker inside the iPhone could be more powerful, to allow a better listening the call  in those situations during which it is difficult to clearly hear the voice from the speaker.

But now on your iPhone you can increase the call volume up to 200%!

Yes, you read right.

Open Cydia (this is required for a jailbroken device: find out what it is and how to jailbreak your device by clicking here) and look for the package called Volume Amplifier.

After you have downloaded and installed the Tweak from Cydia, just start a call and then press the “+” volume and reach 100% of the original volume.

At this point, by pressing again the “+” key, the volume level will continue to be amplified thanks to Volume Amplifier, up to three times the default power.

Volume Amplifier will not add any application or setting to your iPhone.

Once downloaded and installed from Cydia, its effect will be active immediately and to turn it off you have to necessarily remove the package from Cydia. does not take responsibility for any damage to your iDevice, then use Volume Amplifier responsibly because it is a very powerful Tweak and it works very well!

Here’s a video for you:

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App Price: Download it on Cydia

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