Watch Dogs is really sensational!

The new official rival forGTA will give a hard time to Rockstar Games and the expectations are very optimistic.
Watch Dogs is available on PC and consoles, and the reviews are very positive.

As for the same product was Rockstar‘s released a dedicated App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as well as Android devices.
With this Watch Dogs Companion App users will be able to connect and play in real time with any player connected to the game via console or PC dominating Chicago from anywhere in the world.

You will have to act as an ctOS agent and you can in fact have control of the Chicago police and exploit all the ctOS devices  in the city with the assistance of a sniper in a helicopter.
Taking on this role the city streets become a real battleground. You don’t need to own an original copy of the game to use this App.


Here are some features of Watch_Dogs Companion ctOS Mobile:

– You can play live with friends or all players in the world
– You can control all devices ctOS and other technologies
– You can control the Chicago police elicopter
– You can hire a sniper
– You can customize the challenges with other players


So are many things to do and to understand them better you just need to play!

Watch Dogs vs GTA IV ?  What’s the better choice for you?

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App Price: Free!

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