Wood Camera is an excellent App for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch that became famous throughout the world and is one of the most downloaded Apps in all the Appstore.
Thanks to the LightBox function you can easily import and view your photos in one place.
With a simple tap on the screen you can start the full-screen preview mode, or two tap to jump to the processing screen.
Besides being able to import photos already present in your library, you can also use the built-in camera to take picturesand apply different effects depending on the lens used.
Wood Camera contains as many as 32 different types of lenses.
It will be possible to combine 32 lenses, 28 textures and 16 frames to get thousands of effects.
As in most similar Apps, in Wood Camera you can use the pich to zoom to choose a specific part of the image, crop it, change the position or rotate the photo.
Finally, after you have created your photo with simple steps, you can share it via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Instagram.
Of course you can also save it in the roll of your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.


Once you open a picture you have the following tools in the bottom bar: the first symbol is used to rotate the image, the second icon to crop it, the third button is the focal length and type of filter you want to apply, there are thirty , all with names of cities and others very different from each other.
You can try them one by one and apply what you feel best suits your shot.
The fourth icon on the navigation bar below is dedicated to the additions of textures and effects.
Here, too, there are many effects: paper, scratched, dusty, stained, metal, water with the impression of observing a underwater landscape and more.
The fifth icon is dedicated to the Tilt Shift, or the focus of a single element or a particular area than the rest, that is blurred.
The last icon is dedicated to the frame, you can choose between an angular frame, or one similar to a celluloid film or many others.

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